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Laser Welding

One of the key benefits of laser welding lies in its speed, efficiency, and flexibility. This technology allows for the creation of deep joints with minimal thermal damage to surrounding areas. The resulting welds are strong and visually appealing, eliminating the need for additional grinding and cleaning. The work is performed by professionally trained staff.
Laser welding works on the principle of heating the material using a laser beam with high power density. The laser beam is directed onto a small area of the material at extremely high temperatures.
As the laser beam interacts with the material, it causes heating, melting and vaporization of the material. The temperature fluctuates, affecting the material’s reflectivity – the higher the temperature, the lower the reflectivity. Simultaneously, the vaporization of the material creates a “crater,” allowing the beam to penetrate deeper. This process continues, resulting in the deepening of the crater.
During interaction of the laser beam with the material, part of the light beam reflects, while the rest is absorbed by the material, converting into thermal energy. This process causes the material to melt, forming a well-integrated weld upon cooling and solidification.